Experience Yoga in the workplace

Boost productivity with a lunchtime yoga sessions for your staff

Corporate Yoga classes are a fun, convenient, and brilliant way to improve the well-being, performance and relationships of your staff.

Classes can be 45-60 minute sessions held during the middle of the day. Participants needn’t have any prior experience of yoga, nor is there an expected level of fitness.

Contact Sarah for more info or to book a taster session.

Workplace Yoga
Toward Yoga Teambuilding Workplace Activities

Try yoga as your next teambuilding exercise

Toward Yoga will work with you to create a fun, unique and memorable corporate event, whether it's a simple afternoon yoga session or a weekend team building retreat.

Although a yoga class is a different experience from a trust exercise or a ropes course, it gives people a chance to realise their individual strengths, which creates strength within the team.

Yoga builds confidence and mental clarity in addition to the expected leaner, stronger, more flexible body. Participating in a yoga class gives each team a challenge they experience together.

Everyone is doing the same poses, but every individual’s experience is unique. At the end of the class, all participants have experienced a common challenge and shared laughter at the sometimes unimaginable poses!

I offer a free consultation to find out exactly what it is you're looking for, or to offer inspiration to help to make your next team building day one to remember!