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Chanting – The Invocation to Patanjali – translation and explanation

By Sarah Toward | 16th July 2018

A few students have asked about the Invocation to Patanjali. Below is a translation and brief explanation, with the phonetics in CAPS: According to the Hindu faith, Lord Patanjali is considered to be the incarnation of Adhishesha, the cobra, which is the seat for the Lord Vishnu. It is said Lord Patanjali was born three […]

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By Sarah Toward | 12th July 2018

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Chronic Fatigue – relief through Yoga

By Sarah Toward | 10th July 2018

Chronic Fatigue can hit like a train. Symptoms may include severe fatigue, weakness, headaches, muscle pain, insomnia and impaired memory/concentration. Diagnosis is a difficult and lengthy process of elimination. Those in the medical profession can’t say for sure what cause of Chronic Fatigue is, so they do what they can to treat the symptoms. Over […]

Finding the time

By Sarah Toward | 4th June 2018

Man, it’s hard to find the time isn’t it? Another weekend whizzes past, and with it my visions of a beauuuuutiful yoga practise in my sunny yoga room. It dawned on me today, as I whizzed out of Tesco, that if I don’t schedule something it rarely happens. I write kids play-dates on the calendar, […]

No further bookings being taken – retreat now full

By Sarah Toward | 23rd May 2018

    Quinta Mimosa Yoga Retreat with TowardYoga is now full If you have contacted me to book your place, please pay the deposit asap to guarantee your place on this retreat, thanks x

Yoga Retreat Summer 2019 – Now Booking!

By Sarah Toward | 15th May 2018

 Iyengar Yoga Holiday/Retreat, Algarve, Portugal 16 – 23rd August 2019 Let your body be where your soul desires   Set in 10 acres of orange and almond trees, Quinta Mimosa is a place for you to step out of your busy life, to nourish and rejuvinate your mind, body and spirit   Sunshine, fantastic food […]

May Workshop & Sundararājāsana Project – Honouring BKS Iyengar on his 100th Birth Anniversary

By Sarah Toward | 12th May 2018

Meditation in Movement was the title of this month’s Intermediate Iyengar Yoga Workshop We worked on using the breath to move deeper into poses A focus on extension before rotation and an emphasis on grounding to improve twists I wanted everyone to experience Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana as the Iyengar community are planning on naming a […]

VIDEO: Bakasana to Sirsasana Demo

By Sarah Toward | 16th April 2018
Toward Yoga Bakasana

There are many benefits to practising Bakasana: stronger abdominals, wrists, arms, adductors (inner thighs) and it helps you to learn to spread your back muscles Initially you should learn how to practise getting into and out of Bakasana by itself Once mastered you can transition into Salamba Sirsasana 2 (3 point headstand) as shown here […]

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