Breathing and meditation in yoga

Pranayama (yogic breathing), is part of the foundation of all types of yoga. With Iyengar yoga, breathing is used to maximise the physical benefits of the various poses. In addition, Pranayama itself helps tone the circulatory and respiratory systems, while aiding proper function of the nervous and digestive systems. 
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The result is a pervasive feeling of calm as well as increased energy. Pranayama brings the senses and the mind under control so that the student is ready to experience the meditative aspects of Iyengar yoga. 

The use of the child’s pose between other asanas is not only relaxing and refreshing for the body, but is conducive to meditation. No matter which sequence the yoga teacher uses for the asanas, the progression brings the student to a mental and physical level where the body and mind are open to meditation. 

Practiced regularly, Iyengar yoga is a wonderful, natural way to cope with physical, mental, and emotional stress without the use of drugs. Iyengar yoga appeals to a huge range of people, of all fitness levels.