Friday, 13 January 2017

Upcoming Iyengar Yoga Workshop February 5th 2017

8 reasons to sign up for a yoga workshop

Okay, so you attend yoga classes regularly...why should you sign up for a 2-3 hour workshop?

1.)  Workshops tend to focus on fewer poses but in greater depth.  Poses are explored in detail, with attention to the precise alignment, anatomy and directionality of the action. Which muscles should be working, how to engage them, and (that great yoga challenge) of other parts of the body being soft and yielding. This understanding of what should be working and when makes a huge difference to your personal practise as it leads to integration (one of the meanings of the word 'yoga'), which has so many physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

2.)  The intensive focus will answer questions you didn't realise you had. Poses you may be finding challenging in class can be 'unpacked' and you can learn techniques to help you understand the pose and perhaps use different methods/equipment to help achieve this. During workshops I am often told, "Wow, that feels so different - I completely get it now! Workshops are wonderful for giving you the time to really clarify what you are learning and integrate it.

3.) You will receive more attention and adjustments from your yoga teacher. Misconceptions and bad habits can be ironed out as there is more time for adjustments and demonstrations.

4.) The shared experience of a workshop is empowering, inspiring, social, uplifting, enlightening and usually entertaining. 

5.) Stepping out of your comfort zone can inspire a fresh perspective. Identifying your fears, examining them and tackling them can be hugely satisfying and empowering. 

6.) Commitment. Building strength and stamina is not just physical. Focusing on yoga for an entire afternoon shifts your awareness and helps you to weave yogic principles into your life. 

7.) The physical practise of yoga through poses (asana) is really the tip of the iceburg when it comes to self-knowledge and inner peace. Workshops often devote time to the practise of Pranayama, where you learn to focus and control your breathing. Honestly, when I first started out I ran for the hills at the mere mention of advice is to be open to it. Try it (more than once!) It brings an undescribable stillness, a sense of peace, where you feel whole/connected and you'll see profound changes in your health and well-being.

8.) Workshops help to reignite the flame and renew your vigor and commitment to yoga. They shake things up, prevent you from practising on auto-pilot and help you appreciate your yoga practise fully again.

You're still here! Great! Then sign up for the next workshop:

Sunday 5th February 2017

12.15 until 2.15pm


St Michael's Mead Community Centre
Bishop's Stortford

call me (Sarah) on 07427 596961

or email


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