Sunday, 13 March 2016

Prana, Spring & Yoga

Spring makes me think of Ardha Chandrasana (pic above).

This is because when I teach this pose, I encourage students to turn the chest, like a flower turns to face the sun.

This is a crucial adjustment. Without this opening/blossoming of the front body, the pose is hard and closed, the back hunched. Mind and body both resent it.

The alignment needs to be good to allow the trunk to revolve, and it takes practise to 'feel' your way into the pose. But when you 'get it', when the trunk revolves and the chest opens, a feeling of freedom comes. The body feels balanced and open. 

Energy (prana) flows through our bodies. At times, this energy can be hampered, or even blocked. Yoga helps to open these channels, to free any blockages and allow prana (universal energy) to flow in and around our bodies. This was the first pose that gave me a glimpse of that. On a good day I can literally feel life and energy flowing through me. And that can't be a bad thing.

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