Sunday, 14 February 2016

Yoga Workshop 20th March 2016


10am until 1pm at Great Dunmow Primary School on 20th March 2016

The focus on this workshop will be the extension and health of the spine, with an extended session of pranayama (breath control) at the end of the class, to aid relaxation and calm the nervous system. 

As we age the body contracts, joints stiffen, we lose height, flexibility and strength. Normal activities can become difficult and this limits our ability to live life to the full.

I have included a few comments from students explaining how yoga has improved their lives:

"I have been paying a fortune for monthly physio (maintenance) for 15 years as I have a dysfunctional sacroiliac joint and my pelvis also comes out of alignment. Consequently I have become a bit of a martyr to my back and nervous about lifting/movement because when my back locks and the muscles spasm I'm out of action for a week. I started yoga under the professional watchful eye of Sarah in Autumn last year (2015). Confidence in my physical flexibility has improved and my back has strengthened. More importantly my physio has noticed the difference in that when she realigns my pelvis it is far easier for her to do so as there is more flexibility. Additionally I have monthly back/shoulder massages and the masseuse has noticed that the scrunching in my shoulders has been reduced."

"I started yoga on medical advice after treatment for severe whiplash.I was advised that strengthening my core through yoga would ease the strain on my weakened neck. Within a few classes I found I had much more mobility not only in my neck and upper body but my body as a whole. Headaches related to neck pain have stopped over the time that I have been practising yoga. This in turn has obviously left me a much more relaxed and happy person. Sarah is a wonderful and patient teacher who really cares for her students. Sarah has given me poses to practise if on occasion my neck muscles spasm that I can practise at home, as a result I have been able to stop taking pain relief and use the yoga poses to correct the issues. I love attending each and every class because each class leaves me feeling fitter ,healthier and happier.
I would recommend Sarah's classes to everybody!!"
Give it a try!!!

"I started yoga in my thirties when, even though I kept fit with several different sports, I realised I couldn't touch my toes and also had some niggly back problems from an old injury! I discovered Iyengar yoga and after a couple of terms found myself in Sarah's class. I continued going to her classes for more than seven years, all through my second pregnancy, under Sarah's excellent and careful guidance, and through those early, tiring years with two small boys. I became a lot more flexible and strong, my back problems disappeared and I could at last touch my toes! My stress levels reduced and I looked forward to my class every week. Sarah is a wonderful teacher, always cheerful, encouraging and showed a great understanding of all our different body shapes. I would recommend Sarah's classes to anyone and would still be going if we were in the same country! I wish her the best of luck with her classes.

The March workshop will be on Sunday 20th March 2016 from 10am until 1pm at Great Dunmow Primary School. The entrance is on Stortford Rd (B1256), Dunmow CM6 1DN. It is beside the lay-by near Tesco (map)

£20 if booked before 6-3-16. £25 after then. Please note, this is a non-refundable payment. (If you book in advance and then are unable to attend, I will do my best to fill your place..If I can fill your place then I will of course return your £20)

I hope you can come! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all click here to contact me