Sunday, 3 January 2016

Feel good. Do Yoga.

There is something rather reassuring about getting back to normality isn't there.

Don't get me wrong - to quote Oui 3 - I need a break from the old routine as much as anyone (click here for a musical blast from the past!)

But after a couple of weeks of not knowing what day it is, or where I am supposed to be, or who with, it is quite a comfort to finally know what I'm doing and when.

So tomorrow at 10am I'll be teaching a mixed level class at Standon Village Hall...yippeeeeee!

All this week the classes will focus on bringing our awareness back. 

At Christmas we can get swept up in the gluttony and think we are spoiling ourselves by stuffing in yet more food and watching one more movie. In reality, after a while that doesn't feel good. We feel slow and heavy after being so slothful. And judging by the number of hits on my website on Jan 2nd, you are looking for action!

I, too, have crammed in one too many mince pies and my body is longing to be used. So get back on the mat with me this week and reconnect body, mind and spirit.

Feel good. Do yoga.

(click here for timetable & venues)

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