Friday, 14 August 2015

That's the way I roll

Every once in a while I am asked why we roll to the right after Savasana, at the end of a yoga practise.
I have read, and been told, many reasons why this may be. Some of these reasons make more sense to me than others...but who am I to judge?
1. The heart
The heart is slightly left of centre in our body. When you roll to the right the heart 'sits' on top of the other organs, resulting in less pressure on the heart. Yes, I sleep on my left side too and don't seem to suffer! On a subtle level, most people* report the heart feels like it is working harder when they lay on their left.
*I am a huge sceptic, especially when I read most people. As such, I think we should carry out this little study in class over the next couple of weeks ;-) Lets' see how we feel and what we think!
2. The East
In the East it is considered more auspicious to enter a holy place with the right foot, it is the right hand that is extended in greeting in many parts of the world. The right represents the east. So rolling to the right - towards the rising sun - symbolises asking for grace, blessings and bliss.
3. The energy
I have talked about prana and nadis many times before, during class. Quite simply, prana is life force, energy and nadis are energy channels. There are Yin and Yang nadis that flow either side of the spine and swap sides at each chakra. Laying on your right, with your right arm extended under your head triggers the sinus reflex and opens the left nostril. Ancient yogis declared the left nostril to be of Yin energy (cooling, soothing, calm, gentle, moon). Therefore, after a Yang (physical, warm, sun) yoga practise it is balancing to activate the Yin nadi, cool and calm energy.
4. Blood pressure
Laying on your right side allows your blood pressure to reach it's potential homeostasis.

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