Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Your body is your child. Look after it.

We spend our lives making decisions...from crucial to piffle.

We constantly prioritise; selecting the jobs we tackle first and pushing to the back those we feel can wait (or just can't face).

Unfortunately, we can lose sight of what really matters, as we wade through the quagmire of daily chores.

It is only once you have neglected your health (or it has been taken from you), that you fully appreciate what it is to feel 'well'. Healthy. Strong. Pain-free. Capable. 

Your body belongs to you. Treat it as you would your child. Nurture it. Treat it kindly and with compassion. Give it good food in reasonable quantities. Use your body - move it! Encourage good posture and exercise. Talk to it kindly. Motivate it when it is dull and lazy. Soothe it when stressed. Get help if you need it. Your body belongs to you. It is solely your responsibilty. Take control. Prioritise your health. Without it, your potential and possibilities narrow.

Start today.

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