Sunday, 5 July 2015

Now we go full time!

I finished my last day as a primary school teacher on Friday; a job which I've loved deeply and immersed myself in completely. I'll miss those happy little faces - watching them grow and develop. Young children take such huge steps in such a relatively short space of time, that it really fills you with wonder. Teaching is such a privilege.

I've finished this only because my true and enduring passion is teaching Iyengar Yoga. I wanted to be able to offer more classes and a dedicated focus to both my own and my student's development within Iyengar Yoga.

Over the next few weeks details of daytime classes will start to appear in Herts and Essex, to enable me to offer tuition to those of you that can't make evenings...and I'm really excited about it! I'm working hard to ensure the that the venues selected are clean and roomy (a harder task than you'd imagine!!) and over the next year I have plenty of plans for workshops, events and more classes.

I'm now in a fantastic venue for Thursday evenings class in Dunmow, which we have been using for a few weeks, and the students in the Thursday evening class are going from strength to strength. This fills me with delight, as we are only just glimpsing the possibilities and yet the development and benefits of the lessons are already evident - both on the faces of the students and in the way they approach their yoga, compared to just a short time ago.

The Bishop's Stortford classes are equally rewarding; the venue is great and the students are working really hard. Again, I couldn't ask for a more friendly and tenacious bunch - a group who are really receptive to every nuance of what's on offer. New faces are received warmly and instantly feel at home with the more experienced in these groups. It's so lovely to see!

This first year of setting up in the area has been wonderful and given me the confidence to offer more and more. So, finally, now I have the time I need to give it my complete attention, including offering more information on this blog, with far more regular updates.

I want to thank my students for their support, laughter and hard work over the past year, it has been fantastic working with you and I look forward to spending more time with you in the coming years, as well as the new faces that we are just about to meet and start their amazing journey into Iyengar Yoga.


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