Monday, 6 April 2015

What do you want?

Ardha Chandrasana

I know what I want from a yoga class.

I want the teacher to be approachable, experienced, inspirational, firm with their expectations and gentle with their adjustments.

I want the class to be strong. I like to feel I am working to the very best of my ability. To challenge myself, both physically and mentally. I like to be introduced to new poses every now and again. To do poses in a sequence, where I have 'light bulb' moments of clarity and comprehension.

But what do you want?

I am going to be teaching another class (on a Monday evening) and would like to know what you want.

Over 50's class?

What is the ideal start time? 6pm? 6.30pm? 7pm? 7.30pm? 8pm?

Where would you like the class? Another one in Bishop's Stortford or Dunmow? A different village nearby? Is there a hall you know of that would be perfect?

Tell me what you want and I will do my best to make it happen.

Sarah x

1 comment:

  1. For me Monday evenings would be great 7pm/7.30pm in Great Dunmow or a village nearby say Canfield (Priors Green) or Takeley. Also possibley a Tuesday day time say 12.30pm or 1pmish or even slightly later again near to Great Dunmow. Also Friday during the day 12.30pm/1pm ish or slightly later Great Dunmow or nearby. Pretty much any classes you offer I will adapt my clients bookings to enable me to attend as many classes as I can and afford as very interested in yoga/bodywork. Looking forward to more availability of classes. See you tonight. Fiona xx