Sunday, 12 April 2015

50 shades of stiff

It is widely accepted that we are born with 'natural' talents or gifts. Some people excel at sport, others maths, organising, multi-tasking, etc. As we grow, we learn, practise and get better at more things. But the truth is some people will have a natural ability that gives them a head start.

If you take the analogy that our bodies are like cars; some people naturally have bigger engines, some people are better at tuning their car to get the best out of it and some people park it on the drive and let it become rusty. There are many other shades in between these three examples.

My beautiful Nan was teaching Keep Fit and touching her toes well into her 80's. She moved with grace. There was a fluidity to her. She took care of her body and her body returned the favour. I'm not saying her health was perfect or that she never had a days pain. Just, that she did what she could. She listened to her body and cared for it. If my Nan was a car, I think she'd have been a Morgan.
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My 10 year old would like to be a Ferrari. After one year of football training he can no longer touch his toes! He goes everywhere at full speed, with not much thought given to obstacles. As a result, he currently resembles a rather fast but bashed up banger racing car!

Some of the yoga teachers that I have been lucky enough to work with, and learn from, are amazing! Still practising and teaching yoga in their 70's, these people are incredibly highly tuned and attuned to the nuances of their body and mind. Their engines have a reassuring rumble, the paintwork may belie the performance but the car itself has agility, maneuverability, sleek curves and is full of life!

BKS Iyengar once said, "Yoga is a light which, once lit, will never dim. The better you practise, the brighter the flame."
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One of my students, who has been practising yoga for perhaps 6 months, said that she notices things in her body that she was previously unaware of. She is becoming attuned to her body.

Yoga is like a mirror. It enables us to look at ourselves from within. Once we are aware of a stiff back, shallow breathing, hyper-flexible elbows etc, then we can begin to work on ourselves. We should give our vehicle regular servicing and maintenance so that we can enjoy it at its best for the longest possible duration.

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