Saturday, 21 March 2015

...and relax

Thank goodness, we are back to normal service!

It's the weekend........a chance to recharge and regroup.

I'm excited about the future, about the classes and about seeing you further yourselves in the yogic disciplines of Iyengar...

Iyengar Yoga

What amazes me about both teaching and practising Iyengar yoga is that the most inexperienced person can come along and tentatively dip their toe in the water, and still leave with a warm seductive inkling of what lies in store. Yet simultaneously, a more experienced student, just pricking the skin of understanding, begins to feel the hypnotic pull of the physical and spiritual enlightenment it offers and begins to truly embrace the myriad possibilities ahead.

It's this rhythmic, ever-expanding awakening in Iyengar yoga that makes us realise how little we know of ourselves and what we could achieve; physically and emotionally. It starts as a gratifying trickle of possibilities which over time swell into a tributary of motivation and then bursts into a torrent of passionate understanding and personal enrichment. This ever widening horizon drives us towards a truer, more clarified picture of ourselves and our capabilities. It empowers us, enlightens us and ultimately provides us the means to find the deep warmth of contentment that we all seek.

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See you next week, I really can't wait!


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