Sunday, 27 April 2014

Being Grateful

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At the end of most lessons, once you have sleepily come out of Savasana, I ask you to sit cross-legged, hands in Namaskarasana, head bowed, eyes closed. At that time I ask you to be grateful.

We can all find something to be grateful for. At the most trying times in our lives, when we feel we are at rock bottom, that is the time to really consider just what we have to be grateful for. If your work life, family and friends seem to be failing…be grateful for your health, etc.

When you feel at your lowest, please try to take the time to sit quietly, breathe smoothly and think about a few things you have to be truly grateful for.

I was asked to cover-teach a couple of yoga classes this weekend. And so it was I found myself introducing Iyengar yoga to a large group of smiley, expectant people. Most of the group had done some hatha yoga before, but not Iyengar yoga.

As a yoga student, I know how attached I became to my regular yoga teacher. There is a bond, a trust, a security and a belief that they are ‘right up there’ with Father Christmas in terms of brilliance!

And so, with that in mind, I am extremely grateful to those lovely people who were welcoming, smiley, trusting, hard-working and open. I was surprised by the positive response and warmth of these people.

Thank you. Tonight I am grateful for your kindness and positivity.

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